• 2016 AIA Basketball Camps

    Athletes in Action is partnering with churches and summer camps to introduce children to Jesus and help them develop into “Total Athletes.” These sports camps give young athletes the chance to develop their skills while being coached by varsity athletes who play competitively for universities in Atlantic Canada.


    This summer, we have eight spots available for basketball camps between July 4 and August 26. If you would like to consider Athletes in Action running a basketball camp with your church or organization please call or email Chris Harman:

    (902) 880-8442


    The benefits of running a basketball camp with AIA


    Opportunity for the sport minded person in your church to be involved
    Potentially no cost to you as registrations should cover all costs
    AIA supplies all the equipment and trained coaches
    Not volunteer intensive
    Great opportunity to reach out to the youth in your community


    Deadline for booking a camp is January 31st.


    Ask for a camp today!


    Phone Number
    Camp Week
    Available weeks are July 4 through August 26 (Mon to Fri) and are offered on a first come first served basis. You may not have a week in mind as yet. That is fine. You can leave this blank in that case.
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