• Part 2: The Evolution of the Little Yellow Booklet


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    If you have ever wondered why P2C-Students still trains students to use a gospel track to help people discover Jesus you’ll want to read on. This post picks up where “Behind the little yellow booklet: The evolution of the 4 Spiritual Laws” left off. – Editor
    by Mackenzie Johnson

    The Four Spiritual Laws has been one of Power to Change’s most effective tools for evangelism, having been in use for nearly sixty years. But the passage of time has affected how it has been perceived, as Mike Woodard, a long-time staff member, explains:“When I first started on campus, people criticized the Four Spiritual Laws as being far too simplistic. And now… when I’ve been sharing it with students, it’s like this theological treatise, because our culture has changed so much.”The simplicity that was once criticized is now the Four Spiritual Laws’ greatest strength. The straightforward biblical message can refocus its tone without changing the text itself, which is exactly what happened.


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