• Same message. Same messenger. Different responses.

    Originally posted by P2C-Students and written by Cory Porter


    I was on a flight home to Vancouver from Ottawa. I started a conversation with the young woman sitting next to me in the window seat. After some small talk I could tell that she was a very accomplished and articulate law student. I felt the conversation build in trust when she confided that her parents had divorced.

    I took the opportunity to ask her if she had ever considered faith in God. At that moment I noticed her body tense up, and her replies were chopped and rapid. As the conversation progressed I could feel tension mounting.

    Then she exploded, “You’re delusional! You have no right to push your beliefs on me!”

    I was unprepared and stunned by the full force of her antagonism. I froze. I became painfully self-conscious. I was certain that everyone around us heard. The anxiety that welled up inside my body paralyzed me. I couldn’t think of any words to redeem the conversation or disarm her emotion.


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